Getting to the root of hair regrowth solutions in Australia

Why is it that some things are so hard to talk about? Most people you know will experience hair loss at some point in their life, and for many of them it will occur earlier than expected.fiercehairfreeblog

There are many reasons people lose their hair, and in recent years there have been many things people have tried to do to cover it up or regrow hair back. While many people experience hair loss, inconsistent or ineffective treatment methods have caused a large push back in sentiment towards the hair growth industry. It seems the main element missing is trust.

How can you trust that a hair regrowth treatment will work?

A lot of the time we have trouble trusting because there is no transparency. We can’t see the process, so we can’t understand it or make an empowered decision.

How can you be sure a treatment will cure your hair loss? From chemical treatments to drug supplements and transplant surgery, there hasn’t been a complete guarantee of success, just ongoing treatments that may hold temporarily until the body changes again – as it does naturally.

Finding an effective natural solution

The Internet is full of DIY surface solutions that claim to stop hair loss and cure balding, from coconut oil to blended raw onion and everywhere in between. What if there was a way to work with the body’s natural processes on a much deeper level to regrow hair? Now for the first time in Australia, there is.

Fierce Hair Growth treatments have been developed from Nobel Prize winning research into Growth Factors that mimic the body’s natural process of growing hair. With only a few minutes a week for 10 weeks, hair follicles are brought back to life, and only a few minutes once a month after is needed to support their ongoing growth.

Transparency is the key

Now available in Hair Free salons across Australia, Fierce Hair Growth treatments prioritise transparency. From the first free consultation, our highly trained staff will assess your current hair condition and tell you honestly whether or not the treatments will work for you.

With all prices on the table, you’ll easily be able to make an informed decision about regrowing your hair without any harmful drugs or hidden costs. To discover more about the science behind Fierce treatments, visit the website.

Contact us today to book your free consultation, and reverse hair loss the natural way.