Acne Treatment

Kill Acne once and for all.

Hairfree is Pain-free

Acne sucks. It’s the cause of suffering and discomfort for many around the world. Those of us who suffer through it, know how badly we want it gone. Until recently, the most common way to treat Acne was with pills and creams. 

These treatments are tedious, often ineffective and typically come with side effects. The introduction of light-based treatments, which is being pioneered by Hairfree in Australia, is a minor revolution. The treatment is shorter, has virtually no side effects, and is very effective at clearing bacterial Acne.

How does it work?

Our intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment is very effective at clearing Acne. The broad-spectrum light is absorbed and releases “single-inlet” oxygen which targets and kills the bacteria that cause inflammation and Acne. As the bacteria is eliminated and the inflammation clears, Acne is gone leaving only your natural, beautiful skin.

The treatment uses only pulses of light (no chemicals, abrasives or any kind of medication). The reaction is confined to the bacteria and has little or no effect on surrounding areas.

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