Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Hairfee treatments really pain free?

Really, really! Hairfree do the only pain free hair removal treatments in Australia. Other laser and IPL treatments feel something like a rubber band being snapped against your skin repeatedly.

Is it safe?

Treatments are perfectly safe when performed with quality equipment and by experienced therapists who also hold Laser Safety certificates. IPL (the type of treatment we use at Hairfree) uses only pulsed light during the session. There is no radiation, no UV rays or nasty chemicals involved. You should avoid shady hair removal operators that use cheap machines or poorly-trained staff. It’s not worth the risk.

Are there side effects?

Hairfree IPL machines selectively target hair follicles and therefore cause no damage to the surrounding skin. Some people experience slight, localised redness immediately after the treatment which quickly dissipates.

What happens during a treatment? What does it feel like?

If it’s your first session, your therapist will do a short consultation to explain how everything works, determine how many sessions will give you the best results, and answer any questions you might have. Then, your therapist will apply a light cooling gel to the area to be treated and you’ll feel a gentle warmth while the light is applied to the skin. A few minutes later (depending on the area treated) it’s all over and you can get back to whatever you were doing before. If you’d like to read more, check out our News page.

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone is slightly different but on average, most people need 6-10 sessions per area for best results. It depends on your skin and hair type as well as the stage of the hair growth cycle that you’re in.

How often should I have a treatment session?

Generally, sessions will be spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Your therapist will work out the treatment plan that is right for you.

What if the treatment is not suitable for me?

If during your initial consultation your therapist determines that a Hairfree treatment is not suitable for you we’ll completely refund any money you’ve paid (including any transaction fees) without fuss. This is part of our 100% money back guarantee. Treatments are not suitable for pregnant women or areas with blonde, white, grey or red hair and very dark skin, or those with certain medical conditions.

Where do I start?

Simply call 1300 424 737 to make an appointment or book your session online.