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Tattoo Removal

Whether you want to remove your tattoo because you want to forget it, or because you want to replace it, Hairfree’s tattoo removal treatment are effective, safe and very affordable.


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How does the treatment work?

Tattoos are permanent because the ink is inserted underneath the topmost layers of the skin (as you are probably familiar with). The treatment, which uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), breaks up the ink molecules allowing the body’s immune system to gradually expel them, leaving the tattooed area clear. Because your body needs time to process and remove the ink molecules, several sessions are required to get complete removal.

How effective is it?

Most tattoos can be removed completely with as few as 4 sessions, with the average being 6-10. Depending on the type of ink used the size of tattoo and your skin type, some tattoos may need a few sessions more or less for best results.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. The treatment selectively targets the tattoo ink so the reaction is confined to the tattoo being treated and not the surrounding skin. There is a very small risk of infection, and it is a very rare occurrence. It’s important you follow a few simple after-treatment steps which your therapist will explain during the treatment session.

Does it hurt?

You might feel some pain during treatment depending on the type of tattoo and treatment area. For comparison, Hairfree’s tattoo removal treatments, which use IPL technology, are the least painful of the treatments currently available. And it’s certainly less painful than when you got the tattoo in the first place.

Quick Facts

Tattoo Removal  by Hairfree

  • Effectively removes most kinds of tattoos
  • Uses state of the art IPL technology
  • Available in 40+ locations
  • Safe

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