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Safe, Painless and Experienced.

Three things your permanent hair removal treatment and provider should be.

You can’t put a price on safety and experience

IPL and Laser Hair Removal are perfectly safe when performed by experienced therapists with quality equipment. It’s important that you’re satisfied with both when choosing a treatment and avoid inexperienced providers using cheaply-made equipment.

We use only medical grade equipment for all Hairfree treatments and our therapists and nurses hold laser safety certificates. They’re amongst the most experienced in Australia. We don’t take chances and neither should you. So consider more than the price when choosing a treatment provider.

Facts about Hairfree

  • Exclusive pain free treatments
  • Largest Hair Removal company in Australia.
  • Founded in 2003
  • Over 40 locations in Australia
  • All therapists safety-qualified


Hair removal shouldn’t hurt!

Laser hair removal, and even most IPL treatments are painful because of the equipment used. Most providers apply an anaesthetic. Sessions feel something like being flicked with a rubber band. Owch.

But permanent hair removal shouldn’t hurt! Hairfree has teamed up with the engineering geniuses from Active, a hi-tech company based in Israel to build and licence the only pain free hair removal machine in the world. That’s why we’re the only company that can offer the Pain Free Guarantee.

Trust is earned over time.But lots of practice helps.

Since 2003, we’ve performed nearly 2 million treatments. That’s one every 3 minutes! Hair removal is all we do at Hairfree which means we’re now very, very good at it.

This also makes us the largest and most experienced Hair Removal company in Australia, by a long shot. That’s quite a reputation to keep which is why we also provide a 100% money back guarantee on all treatments.

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Caring for your skin post-treatment

The Essentials Plus skin care pack is designed specifically for before and after Laser and IPL Hair Removal treatments. E+ includes a calming gel, exfoliant and a moisturising photo-protector cream protect skin from harmful sun exposure after a treatment.

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